4 thoughts on “What are the 4 Study Areas?”

  1. Love the Greenway’s and the ambitious expansions… amazed at the progress the last 20 years… and that majority of people finally support projects…

    Very much appreciate y’all,


  2. I hope there are plans in other areas for finishing some of the greenways that have been started First Creek Greenway needs to be connected to the river and up to Fountain City.

    Thank you.

  3. Corridor A for the proposed Beaver Creek greenway makes more sense if the greenway is meant to be an active transportation corridor, vs. just a recreational corridor. I’m for Corridor A. (I live in Hardin Valley along the proposed segment in green.)

  4. I love the greenways! Our family uses them almost daily. I am a little late to this planning — I just learned of the study earlier this week at an AMBC meeting.
    Question, why is East Knoxville left out? Many folks who live in East Knox County rely on the Neyland greenway to commute. However, there is currently no safe way to connect. Pedestrians and cyclists are constantly battling drivers on Riverside Drive. Are there future plans to include East Knox County? Again, we LOVE the Knox County Greenways! Thank you!

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