Public Meeting Questions

Thank you to everyone who came to the Public Meetings! We received great information about the possible corridors and are using that feedback in the next steps.

We received quite a few questions and wanted to answer them.

  1. Can the Greenways go under or over roads for street crossings?
    1. The design team is considering all options for safe street crossings.
  2. When will the maps be on-line from the public meetings?
    1. The maps will be displayed on the website for review and comment. They are the same maps from all four public meetings.
  3. Where can we get updates on this process?
    1. Keep checking the website and the Facebook Group – Knox Greenway Study for all updates.
  4. What about the Old Smoky Mountain Railway bed?
    1. Yes, the Old Smoky Mountain Railway is being considered as parts of it could be used where feasible.
  5. Are the greenways being studied going to connect with other greenways in the area?
    1. Yes, the County and the planning team have studied all current greenway plans to make sure the proposed greenways can connect with other greenways.
  6. Will there be a greenway built along all study areas or is only one chosen and if only one what is the process to choose?
    1. The goal of this study is to have the routes for all corridors to be built in Knox County. We are aware of limited resources and know that this corridor study will help us prioritize as we move forward with building all of the routes in a recommended phasing plan.
  7. Will the greenways be continuous connections and connect facilities? I.e. in the Northshore example, could you travel from say Westland/Northshore to Northshore Elementary?
    1. Yes, the greenways are being planned to connect with schools, parks, and other local businesses.




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  1. This study is a dream come true to my husband and I. My question is are all the greenways OFF the roads of traffic. I know when he rides thru a part of Sequoiah Hills there is riding on the street. As both my hubby and son have both been hit by cars while cycling, I’d prefer pathways away from traffic on the street. So nice to see a study in Knoxville that we are so very behind. What a great way to see our beautiful city areas. Thanks for all you are doing.

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